British Columbia Emergency Preparedness Minister Defeated

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British Columbia, a province of Canada, had a provincial election Tuesday, May 9, 2017, to choose a new Legislative Assembly. The capital of British Columbia is Victoria.

Minister Yamamoto's riding or district is in North Vancouver a suburb of Vancouver. She was defeated by Bowinn Ma of the New Democratic Party by a slim margin in a moderate upset. 

Bowinn Ma


Bowinn Ma

The election results will not be finalized until May 24 but it appears most likely that there will be a reduced Liberal majority or a minority government of uncertain composition at this point (May 10, 2017). 

Nevertheless, Minister Yamamoto will no longer serve as Minister of State of Emergency Preparedness in Britsh Columbia. The future of the Ministry is somewhat uncertain given that it was created by the much larger Minister of Attorney-General and Public Safety in 2014. The more senior Minister Suzanne Anton also lost her seat in the legislature.  

Given the reduced size of the Liberal caucus, if they form a government it is probable that the Ministry of State will revert to being part of the Attorney-General and Public Safety department.  


by Diarmuid D. O'Dea

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