Earthquake in Ireland August 2


by Diarmuid O`Dea

I never thought that I would write these words but on August 2 there was an earthquake in the Republic of Ireland. It occurred in the far northwest of the country in County Donegal. Donegal is one of the few areas left on the island where there are populations of Gaelic speakers. Its a fairly remote area that borders the United Kingdom. It is a traditional part of the original province of Ulster, most of which now is part of Northern Ireland.

The earthquake was a mild 1.5 magnitude, so quiet it didn't show up on most earthquake feeds. Some locals claimed to have `felt the commotion`` but it being Ireland there could have been other reasons for their shaking.  

More probable peril from seismic activity in Ireland would come from events in the North Atlantic Ocean or Canary Islands where as a result of a volcano eruption, undersea earthquake or landslide a tsunami could hit the island. There are no nuclear power plants on the island.


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