Montana Earthquake Not Related to Yellowstone Park Super Volcano

#earthquake #Montana

by Diarmuid O'Dea

Everyone in Yellowstone Park can relax.

As reported recently in this blog there has been a swarm of 500 earthquakes in Yellowstone Park this summer. The park is in the northwest corner of Wyoming with small parts in Montana and Idaho. Most of the earthquakes were in the 1-3 magnitude range.  Much of Yellowstone Park sits on an ancient mostly dormant super volcano. Consequently, small tremors are to be expected.

On July 6 there was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake near Lincoln, Montana.The earthquake was felt in the Montana state capitol of Helena and as far west as Spokane, Washington. There were numerous aftershocks. Thousands of persons felt the earthquake.  At noon eastern time, #earthquake was the #1 trending item on Twitter.

Nevertheless, the Montana earthquake was not related to the Yellowstone earthquakes. The July 6 earthquake happened 240 miles from Yellowstone Park. It is the result of movement on an unrelated fault -  the Lewis and Clark Fault that covers northern Montana, Idaho and Washington. 


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