Recent Swarm of Earthquakes near Yellowstone Park

By Diarmuid O'Dea


Yellowstone Park covers parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Inside the park in the northwest part of Wyoming is a super-volcano.  The last time the volcano erupted was 640,000 years ago. The release of energy was 1,000 times that of 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption in Washington State. 


Yellowstone Park

In June 2017, there has been a swarm of more than 500 earthquakes in the Montana part of the park near West Yellowstone. . Most of them have been minor in the 2-3 magnitide range, but one was over 4.0 .Most are centered a few miles east of the Hebgen Lake Basin, Montana. In 1959, there was a 7.3 magnitude earthquake in the area that killed 28 people and created Quake Lake in  near the Gallatin National Forest.  Tourists to the area can stop by the Earthquake Lake Visitor Center, which is situated 27 miles north of West Yellowstone on US Highway 287 in Montana




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