QuakeTrip Features and Certifications


QuakeTrip HMI device inside and outsideInside of QuakeTrip HMI appliance

 Outside and Inside of QuakeTrip Unit

Ground Motion Detection

  • Uses 3-Axis Accelerometers. 
  • Distinguishes genuine earthquake shock waves from typical vibrations caused by traffic, industrial equipment, and man-made noise.
  • Can show all seismic wave-forms with optional HMI touch screen.

Early Warning Capability

When connected to a third party sensor, QuakeTrip can provide early warning as well as

  • provide low threshold warning
  • set off internal and 3rd-party alarms
  • provide signals to
    • elevator systems and server systems
    • external control equipment requiring emergency shutdown control
    • emergency door openers
    • remote siren or alarm systems or school and office alarms
    • custom PLC or drive control systems
    • emergency communication systems
  • activate fire hall door opener

Utility Shutdown

QuakeTrip controls

  • main electrical breaker and selectable breaker shutoff
  • gas valve shutdown
  • water & waste water treatment valves
  • pipeline valve controller
  • emergency elevator shutdown
  • highway / tunnel / rail displays
  • activation of control valves and solenoids, including the main gas valve
  • prevention of automatic restoration of power and gas.

Safety Control and Power

  • Includes added control capabilities normally required in industrial applications such as
    • PLC control
    • relay outputs
    • input sensors.
  • Includes a built in UPS system.


  • Provides continual earthquake monitoring via battery backup in the event of typical power outages.
  • Provides event history.

QuakeTrip , made by SOFTAC Systems,has been successfully certified by:

AC-156 (California) Acceptance Criteria for Seismic Certification by Shake Table Testing of Non Structural Components